Welcome to the Association of Contemporary African Linguistics!
The Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL) was first convened in 1970 and has since been held every year at various sites throughout North America. The affiliated Association of Contemporary African Linguistics, founded in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, has the same mission: to advance and sustain the linguistic study of African languages. The Association (with the same acronym) seeks to continue and provide stability to that tradition and to the conference itself. The Association solicits support from ACAL’s attendees to guarantee the conference’s stability into the future.

We as an organization welcome all members from any country or background.

Next ACAL Conferences

ACAL 53 will be hosted by the University of California-San Diego, online on April 7-9, 2022.  Conference home page is here. Abstract deadline is November 30, 2021.

ACAL51-52 was hosted virtually by the University of Florida, April 8-10,  2021. The Florida conference home page is here. The ACAL51 conference, planned for Rutgers in May 2020, but cancelled due to COVID-19, has a conference page here.

ACAL Awards
The first ACAL Lifetime Achievement Award was given in 2018 to Professor Dr. Eyamba Bokamba of the University of Illinois. He has been a leading scholar in the field of African linguistics, and has been a leading figure in ACAL conferences, with Illinois hosting the conference several times.