African Linguistics Pages

Here are some other web sites with useful information on African languages and linguistics:

Links to sites with many links:
African Languages on the Internet

World Congress on African Linguistics – held every three years – WOCAL 8 was in Kyoto, Japan from August 21-24, 2015.   WOCAL 9 will be in Morocco.
Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics, Leiden University Center for Linguistics – held every year at the end of August
North American Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics – held every year in February/March. The 2016 meeting was in Austin, Texas.
International Conference on Bantu Languages – held usually every 2 years. Bantu 6 was in Helsinki in June 2016.

African phonemes and alphabets –
CBOLD (Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary) –
Roger Blench’s page
PHOIBLE phonological inventory data
WALS (World Atlas of Linguistic Structures) online
The WALS Sunburst Explorer

JALL (Journal of African Languages and Linguistics)
JWAL (Journal of West African Languages) –  freely downloadable articles
SAL (Studies in African Linguistics) – freely downloadable articles
Africana Linguistica– special focus on Bantu
Nordic Journal of African Studies – linguistic and non-linguistic articles
Journal Mandenkan – Mande studies, free downloadable articles
Linguistique et Langues Africaines


Older, but still helpful:
Gur Languages
X-Tone project